Monday, August 10, 2009

Enduring success

Royal Sporting Goods

Frisbee: $7.95

Taxation: $0.80

Total not going to Wal-Mart: $8.75

Channing Tatum concerns me...

It is amazing the things that can happen when you encounter magazines.

Wal-Mart. This past week. I was working. This magazine was brought to me as something that had been misplaced on a shelf somewhere by a customer. These things get brought up to me all the time.

Just not with Channing Tatum on the cover.

It is my responsibility to reorganize these items (hundreds a day) so that they get taken to their proper departments.

But I didn't do that with this magazine, because it had Channing Tatum on the cover. And there is a rumour that he is bisexual. And I am like a 12 year old girl whose dream in life is to marry Justin Timberlake. Or Channing Tatum.

Back to Channing Tatum being bisexual.

A co-worker comes behind my desk and we start hanging out. This woman is middle-aged, but definite a sexual prowler. She says I wear nice pants. She isn't the only person at work who says it, but she is the oldest. And maybe I do wear nice pants. They get the job done.

I tell the co-worker that this guy on the cover is bisexual.

She says, "Thats too bad. He's going to die young."

My response. "Huh?"

She says, "He'll get AIDs from the guys."

Moments like this hurt more than I can show. Not only because this is a completely secular person who has shown some degree of prejudice, but because I know that once I am "out" people will still have these feelings, and have them about me. And they won't tell me about them, because they don't want to hurt my feelings.

Moments like this make me more aware of why some First Nations want to be white. Why some women wish they were men. Why the poor wish to be rich. And why the Quebecois never want to be English. Why I wish I was straight, but never like that.

Its easier to be powerful. To relate to the people who are powerful. You just don't want to be like the scum of the earth.

One day I am going to have to give up this false power that I have, and have people talk about me behind my back.