Friday, January 21, 2011

The Book of Eli and the Last of the Crazy People

A movie. Mediocre at best (and one that loses its meaning more as you think about it).

A book. More than mediocre, at best (and one that I think haunts more as you think about it).

That is my title tonight...

As tonight I watched the Book of Eli, with friends that I am beginning to see more and more as the Last of the Crazy People.

I just don't get 'belief' anymore. Not in the same way that they do. And I don't think that concerns me anymore. Other than for the fact that they can't perceive 'belief' as anything less than what they 'know' it to be.

That concerns me.

Because what they 'believe' in and what they hold as 'true' are flimsy. Not false - but probably wrong - yet flimsy.

Are they crazy for believing in it? Or did I miss the point of the film. Or the Book of Eli.