Thursday, July 22, 2010

danger, danger will robinson!

I can feel it happening again. I am becoming slightly more daring in my interactions with people in Val Marie.

I am aroused.
This is dangerous.

How much longer do I allow myself to care?

The best part of my job isn’t exactly the men that I work with, but I won’t deny that there are a few choice specimens of the human species who work in my office and by some product of chance were born with dicks and the ability to grow facial hair. One who works in a section of the park 150 kilometers away came to the office today.

Looking for my manager.

He has blue eyes, and a masculinity that refuses to shave his face of the six-day 5 o’clock shadow. He is tall, but not so tall that it distracts. Slender, lean, perhaps a bit muscular but not so much that it is his most defining feature. You can tell by the way that clothing hangs off of his body that he likes a good beer every now and then – there is a hint of a bit of fat.

“Do you know where Kathy is?”

- Yeah, she’s in a meeting in Kathryn’s office. Let me go grad her for you.”

That is what I did – off into the office room to collect my manager for this man that I thoroughly enjoy stealing glances at. When I came back out, Kathy close behind, my eye candy that is so rarely in my west block environment was bending over reading the titles of books in our Prairie Revegetation section of the office library.

He is a biologist – plants specifically. This is the kind of thing he likes to study. Plant revegetation is his primary role over in the east block, aside from general maintenance.

His body bends just perfectly to suggest that beneath his mud-encrusted denim lies a cute, hairy, potentially beautiful ass.

His name is Brynn. Who wouldn’t want that name to roll off their tongue for the rest of their life? – My husband’s name is Brynn.

Holy fuck I need to masturbate. Silently. So that nobody has any inkling that I am gay.