Monday, December 20, 2010

A Non-Hint

(I'm getting old)

(Today, I'm getting older)

I'll wrap up the hints next time. I swear


  1. I assume it's your birthday, Neal. If that's the case, have a happy one. But, believe me, you aren't old. Wait until you're in your 50s, with more than half your life behind you. Now, THAT'S scary.
    At your age, you have no reason to be scared. Just enjoy yourself. Work on being the best human being you can be, and make the most of your time here, always.

  2. Happy birthday, Neal (if that's the case)

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Neal! I hope you had a wonderful day :D. As someone else who is on the other side of the aging hill, my advice is -
    1. Don't ever give up on your dreams, no matter what.
    2. Don't sweat the small stuff. In 5 years it will seem even smaller, and in 10 you'll have forgotten what it was. After you turn 50 you'll just be glad if you can remember what your middle name is.
    3. Stop & smell the roses along the way. Unless you're a first responder, chances are it's not going to be the end of the world if you're a few minutes late :)

  4. Thanks for the Birthday wishes Jeanette, Rick and "Strange Boy". Much appreciated. It amazes me how quickly a day comes and passes and you continue your life forgetting that your aging - and just recently slightly more aged.

    I'll be smelling roses and reading good books for a long time. My dreams will be followed, even if compromised slightly. And I hope, beyond hope, that I get to be 50.

  5. 50? Why are your aspirations so modest? Do you have any legitimate reason to think you might not reach the ripe old age of 50? (Be careful--remember, I'm already 51.)
    Believe me, Neal, before you know it, you will be 50 and beyond. It goes faster than you can imagine now. Make the most of it. But, PLEASE, don't limit yourself to only the age of 50. I believe I still have a whole lot of life to live and my greatest contribution yet to come. That's what keeps me going--believing I still have more to give.
    Again, happy birthday. So, how old are you now? 23? 24?

  6. 24.

    I say 50 because I think life can get to be so fantastic at that age. By then I might be getting ready to welcome a grandchild into the world (or something like that?) - or I might be getting ready to pursue a new goal in life.

    Like writing a novel. Or learning a new instrument.

    I hope I make it to 50 with few regrets and lots of love in my heart.

    That is what I meant to express. Indeed - my aspirations go much further than that...