Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"To be 'gay,' I think, is not to identify with the psychological traits and the visible marks of the homosexual, but to try to define and develop a way of life."

- Michel Foucault

This makes me wish more than ever that everybody had the profound opportunity to be 'gay'.

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  1. I take this to mean there is no established or set life pattern for every gay man or lesbian woman, based on mental or physical traits. That each of us is forced to make what his or her life is meant to be as he or she goes along. Kind of like each of us is a trailblazer. On the one hand, that can be exciting, because we're not pigeonholed into anyone's expectations, but on the other, that can be frightening, because each of us is essentially on his or her own to make the best life for him- or herself. I hope I have that right.
    I see why you'd want everyone to have the opportunity to be gay, but I don't. Increasingly, I realize being gay is what's special about me, and I don't want everyone to have the opportunity to be special in quite the same way.