Monday, February 7, 2011

A break in the theme....

"Dear Neal:

It is my sincere pleasure to inform you that the Graduate Program Committee is recommending to the Simon Fraser University Senate Graduate Studies Committee your admission to the Master's program for the Fall 2011 term... ... Professor Mark Leier [head of the History Department] has expressed an interest in acting as your supervisor."

- Mary-Ellen Kelm
Graduate Program Chair, Department of History, Simon Fraser University

I really, really did not want to break the theme. I like this series. And it is going somewhere important (in due time, like all of my series...). But when you've got something to celebrate, like getting into the graduate school and program that you so desperately wanted to get into, any series should be disturbed...


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  2. Hey Neal!

    Funny, I was actually thinking about you yesterday, wondering about your applications and whether you've heard back from anybody!

    A-MA-ZING! I'm really happy you got into your first choice! (I assume SFU was your first choice, right?!)

    So, congratulations! And you know what? This is not the only program that you'll hear back from. I have a very good feeling about all this! :-)

    Bisous. Good vibes. Best wishes. Joy. Hug.

  3. Congrats, Neal. I'm thrilled for you. Couldn't be happier.
    So does this mean you'll be coming to my neck of the woods this fall?
    You'll love Vancouver. We get a LOT of rain, but it's still the best place to live in Canada.

  4. Congratulations Neal!!! I agree about the series, I actually skipped this post to read all you had, since I've been away so long... I love the series.

    Higher learning is amazing and I know you were super excited and patiently waiting to hear back!!! Congratulations, and I can't wait to hear more about your Master's process!

    Even if you have to deal with the rain, which by the way is super awesome in my books, you'll love the west coast!

  5. Thank you Kama, Rick and Chaotic. I appreciate the support.

    I'm still waiting for other offers to come in, but I doubt any of them will be able to rival that which I am receiving from SFU. And, as it was my top choice, they would have to give me a lot to make up for the difference. I was really looking for a program with strength in labour history (Trent and SFU) and in social history (Trent and SFU) and that was more than a year long (Trent and SFU). So I suppose it comes down to Trent and SFU - provided Trent can offer me something more than I can get from SFU I may reconsider my excitement over SFU.

    But, as of now, without total confirmation Rick, it would seem as though I will likely find myself in your neck of the woods come September.

  6. I think I had already given you all the reasons why Trent would be a good place to be. And I can also guarantee is the following: Trent and Peterborough will give you the most amazing community ever. It's a rich place, with great minds, and lots to learn.

    The queer subcultures are the diverse and rich, the uni has lot of pianos in common rooms so people can play as they please, and in all honesty, being actively involved in the feminist and queer activist circles of the community, and being the VP of one of our CUPE units, I can say that this place would not only benefit from you, but we'd also welcome you with a lot of warmth!