Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things I love. (16)

I love road trips, the longer the better. It is an experience so rarely shared between friends and strangers these days - when you are forced into a small compartment and have no option but to find means of entertaining each other through conversation. Road trips are where relationships are made and friends discover new things about each other. And they are infinitely more entertaining than an airplane ride - you get to see so much, with the freedom to stop and gander at new and previously found beauties.

I think I would like train rides in Europe too.


  1. I love road trips too. I'm planning on going to New York with my sisters, but I just have this urge to drive all over North America sometime.

  2. I have a friend who did that after high school. Took 6 months and did everything he could afford (which, at the time, wasn't a whole lot). But he had a blast - him and 3 others. Saw some pretty incredible things too! And there is an amazing amount of stuff that you can do for free while going road-tripping.

    It would be weird to live so close to the international centre of New York. Road-tripping there would take me several days. Enjoy the trip though - convince me to go someday.