Friday, April 8, 2011

In this season of disgruntling politics (when I am forced to realize that, once again my vote will not be of any importance to the government), I am forced to cheer up by the weather.

Spring has arrived.

In the past week, the glacier that has dominated my lawn for the past 5 months has receded. I can now see my flower bed.

And what colour is that I see?


There is green there. And it isn't from bulbs, but from root-based perennials.

That I planted last year. And that are growing back. Is it wrong of me to be joyful?

I am now planning what I will be planting in my vegetable garden for the last time; what biodegradable foods I will be giving my perennials for the last time; how I will help my parents turn their yards into gold.

I will miss having a yard in Vancouver, I am certain of that. But I will be able to find an urban garden to volunteer in, I am sure.


  1. Spring has sprung on the West Coast, Neal. The cherry blossoms are out, leaves have begun to emerge on many of the trees, and annuals are poking out of the ground. Today is sunny and brilliant, a sign of beautiful things to come. I know you'll love to live here. And, yes, I'm sure you'll find an urban garden somewhere.

    Do you plan to live on campus at SFU? Do you think you'll return to Regina after your schooling is done, or are you open to staying here?

  2. On my side of the country, the snow is receding again after an April Fool's blizzard. The ground's not completely green but I'd take patches of white as oppose to mountains of it.

  3. It has been snowing all weekend. The green that was growing is now covered by several centimeters of snow. It is quite beautiful - as it is heavy snow, rather than dry, light snow. And it may slow down the flooding that is plaguing the prairies right now. But it hurts nonetheless...