Saturday, May 7, 2011

A treatise on How Silence is Broken

A shout-out to Amak over at Queer Behind the Mirror for introducing me to this video earlier this week through his blog; it fits in well with what I am developing at the moment.


  1. The Queer Behind the Mirror likes this. (thumbs up!)

  2. Wow! This is both beautiful and powerful. That's really where the support needs to come from, isn't it?
    I imagine how different my life in school would have been if the straight people who shared classes with me stood up and held each other's hands in solidarity. My school experience would have been so different if the bullies had known they couldn't get away with their narrow-mindedness, because no one was scared of them, and no one was prepared to put up with their bullying.
    Thanks for sharing. I feel better for watching this.