Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"don't try and get inside of my head, you'll find a nightmare waiting for your arrival."

I have found myself desiring a boyfriend more and more recently. Somebody to be entirely comfortable with.

But I think that somebody trying to get to know me has to deal with a lot of psychological baggage. It will be like going through Hell; finding the hut of my tortured existence, and extracting me. Bringing me to a fulfilling life.

Just as Robin Williams did in What Dreams May Come for his wife.

Is anybody going to do this, though... For me? With me?

I am not a good person.


  1. "I am not a good person."

    What does that mean? What is the essence of 'goodness' anyway? Goodness, simplified, is doing no harm and i doubt that you have done harm.

    Keep your head up high!

  2. You make a good point. I don't know what goodness is. But I know that I am selfish - and I don't think that goodness is selfish. It is necessarily selfless.