Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spiders part 2.

Hatred produces a web of fear.

My friend’s wedding is next weekend. This is the friend for whom I am acting as the Master’s of Ceremony.

Yesterday, a friend of mine happened to come over for a bit. She and I have been friends since she was in kindergarten, so for about 17 years. My guess is that this friend is bisexual - she dabbles with temptation towards women, but can't imagine life without men. I can't imagine that kind of sexual torment.

She knows Brittany from Church - much the same way that I know Brittany. The two of them are a year younger than I, and ended up going to the same school for post-secondary education for a couple years. My friend became quite emotionally attached (perhaps even dependent) to Brittany - a dangerous thing to be; though it must be said that the two were never actually good friends.

Brittany is too conservative. My friend (Jen), is too liberal. They are both vocal, and both stubborn.

While she was over, Jen told me a story about a boy she was attracted to in her first year. He happened to be bisexual. Jen, rightfully, did not care - though, perhaps one could say that she should not have become so infatuated with him. Though, when Jen told Brittany of her attraction towards a self-professed bisexual man, Brittany condemned Jen for having been attracted to a creature with such twisted sexual desires (even though they would only account for a percentage of those desires).

Jen learned very quickly to stop talking about her love interests with Brittany.

That is part two of the web this venomous friend of mine has constructed.


  1. If I may, I'd like to correct the first statement. Hate does not produce fear. It's actually the other way around. It is fear that turns itself to anger and hate. Just my two cents. Btw, I really enjoy reading your blog.

  2. You know, I agree with you. But I should clarify that I am trying to paint a picture of how this woman's hate is producing a fear that is altering the behaviour of her friends, which is therefore altering the behaviour of friends of friends. As I continue this series (tonight maybe) I will hopefully continue developing that theme.

    It is also an honour to have you reading my blog. Yours is the first blog about homosexuality that I found was based out of Canada - I've gone back to it many times since discovering it.