Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yesterday, once the sun went below the horizon and all the warmth left the world, the snow began to stay. There couldn't have been much warmth to begin with - it had been snowing all day. But it was melting on the ground until the sun gave into the pressures of a rotating earth.

I don't know the full story of last night's weather system, but I can see the results when I look out of the window of this rented cottage in Maple Creek, SK. The ground is covered in about 2 cms of white stuff that is reminiscent of white stuff that was abdicated its earthen throne only 7 months ago. Like the prodigal son, it has returned to reclaim its rightful place as king of consciousness - making us ever-weary travellers, forcing us to alter our fashions before we are actually prepared, and allowing us to wonder whether or not sand has been put on the roads just yet to add some friction. Every morning.

Until the throne is abdicated again.

The snow has fallen. It has stayed. And winter is here.

And me, without a boyfriend to snuggle up to for warmth...

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  1. Me likes this post. Well-written and it clearly captures the (depressing) feel of the winter. [I say depressing 'coz I lived my first winter and my first snow ever just two years ago! Ugh! It didn't go well at all for me.]

    I'm glad we are still in the Fall phase on this side of the coast. I tend to live winters very badly, and I've never had anyone to snuggle up to for warmth either... If it makes you feel any better, that's two of us!